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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

White Lotus

A big 'Hi' to everyone ... nice to be writing here after 8 months .. time flies with baby at home ... I should thank Abhijna - my daughter, for allowing me to spend some time with colors !!

I have tried oil on canvas, anticipating a lot of interruptions. But I believe Acrylic is a good option for me now, since it dries quickly. Most importantly cleaning the tiny hands of my daughter will be easier with acrylic, than oil color ;)  She tried her best to help for this work, I had no option other than speed up my work...

And here is the painting -

                                       'White Lotus'Oil on Canvas of size : 18 X 18 inches


  1. Try water based oil colors , I use them often. Results are like oil but easy to clean n mix as it is water soluble till it dries up.

  2. I was not aware of water based oil colors, thank you very much for letting me know this Lekha. I spoke to the vendor, who has only one brand, which is really expensive than regular oil colors !! Works out if I have serious buyers :)