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Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Maharashtrian Lady


Here is my latest work, oil on canvas... my version of Raja Ravi Varma's - 'The Maharashtrian Lady' :)  This was there in my last blog on Chitra Santhe, but thought of uploading it in a separate blog with a larger image.

I have finished this just couple of days before Chitra Santhe. As it was wet, I kept on requesting people not to touch the work. Unfortunately most of them didn't listen, so blessed with the fingerprints of so many :)  I gave one more touch up to the saree later.

Coming back to the work, its of size 24" * 36" and the largest canvas I have used so far. It took many months to complete this, of course I did not work continuously. As I was trying Ravi Varma's work, I wanted to give my best. 

I never gave importance to my signature earlier, but now I have finalized that and will use the same from here onwards. I have been asked by few about the mismatch of my signature in some of the paintings, I was under the impression that only bank employees give so much importance to this !!

Have a gr8 day. /bye