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Monday, 22 April 2013

Hand Woven Swing ...


Here is my latest craft work - Jhula (Swing) made of Chinese knotting cord. I forgot the name of the knot which I used here as I have learnt this craft around 6 years ago. 

This nylon cord has nice texture that helps to hold the knots in place and of course we have to tie the knot very tightly for these kind of works. To keep it from fraying you can melt the ends with flame. The good thing is - you can wash this work with mild detergent whenever required.



Using this simple knot pattern itself you can make varieties of wall hangings, table mats, handbags, mobile covers etc,,  All it takes is a little patience for these kind of hand weaving crafts as it is very tedious process. But I'am sure once you finish the work, you will forget all the difficulties you had and will be completely satisfied.

Have a gr8 day. /bye