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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stocking Flowers ..


Stocking flowers, the most colorful and creative one. Its a very interesting craft and anyone can try out easily. I wasn't sure of which flower I should do, so I ended up with a bunch of flowers. 

I read they were very popular in the 70s. The best thing about these flowers is the flexibility with which you can shape the petals and flowers in any desirable form. 

These flowers can be used as decoration in vases, jewellery and accessories. May be you will get to see more flowers here because I started loving it ;) 

Have a gr8 day. /bye

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Water, Water Everywhere !!!!!!

    Here I am with a water color work, finished just now !!!! As it is very small and stupid one, I took just half an hour to finish it off.  For the first time my husband gave a bad expression after looking at my work and I am very happy for that ;)

    Ultimately playing with colors for me is a Mood Freshener ... so at times, I may post this kind of work and you may need to bear with me ;)

Have a gr8 day. /bye