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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Handicraft using Mangalore Cucumber seeds

  Hello everybody, hope you are enjoying the winter season. In this post, I am going to upload couple of  handicrafts made from Mangalore cucumber seeds, around 4 years back.
  I don't know why its called as Managalore Cucumber, although its grown throughout the Malnad region... we too grow this in my native place. Since this is regularly used at home to prepare Dosa and Sambar, collecting the seeds is not a difficult task.

  After seeing this in one of my relatives house, my mother was impressed with that and resulted in relentless pressure on me to do the one for our showcase as well. So I visited their house (although I don't like visiting relatives !!),observed the intricacies and got some tips from my relative. Bamboo stem is used here as the base and the seeds are glued over it. Regular sewing thread and needle are used to string the seeds to prepare flowers. This is the difficult part as the seeds are very small.

This work gave me enough confidence and I've decided to do one more ...bit more complicated one. And here it is ...

  This is called as Aarati Kattu in Havyaka language and is used as decorative item on Aarti Plate on special occasions like threading ceremony (upanayanam) and marriage. Feel free to share your valuable suggestions.
Have a gr8 day. /bye