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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hand Embroidery on Silk Sarees


 Here I have uploaded some of the embroidery works on Silk sarees, which I did for my Aunt.

  Simple Kutch work

  I have used chained buttonhole stitch for the pallu

Here are few tips--
# The thread path is very important- the thread always goes up and down alternatively, this keeps the embroidery intact.looks attractive also. If there is a small mistake also you can easily identify...
# Take time to draw the design as perfect and neat as possible, otherwise it is difficult to move around and simultaneously rectify the original design.
# Practice a lot before trying on a saaree.. understanding the thread path is the better way.

The finished basic square looks like this-

    Kamal Kadai embroidery using Cone thread, which gives 3D effect for the work


You can put glass and kundan in embroidery to make it more beautiful..My Aunt doesn't like the shiny things so I kept it simple,,

I think I have posted quite a lot of posts under the label Handicrafts in last few months, its high time to work on some paintings :)

Have a gr8 day. /bye