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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Vanda Orchid - Clay Flower

  I am back with another clay flower this time - a colorful Vanda Orchid, which is of height 19 inches including the base.

  After going through my earlier blogs on clay flower, few craft enthusiasts contacted me for the details of making these flowers. So I thought of providing the details here, although I forgot to take the photographs of earlier stages.. will try to do that next time onwards.

  Here are the steps -  
   - mix the clay with oil paint to give the base color
   - flatten the clay, individually cut and shape the petals and leaves using the cutters
   - air-dry the individual pieces for about 24 hours
   - hand-paint the pieces to match the fine detail and subtle shading of actual flowers
   - assemble the various pieces into whole flowers, adding stems made of clay, supported by wire
   - place the individual flowers into a pre-selected pot or on a piece of driftwood.

  Constructing the flowers and arrangements is time consuming as it requires too much detailing. 
If you are planning to make one, please keep in mind that the “base” can greatly enhance the character of the arrangement. So ensure that you give great care in matching the base with the arrangement. 

  Happy crafting :)


  1. This is great. can it be done with polymer clay or only thai clay

  2. This is great. can it be done with polymer clay or only thai clay

  3. Thanks a lot Uma Madam.. It can be done by polymer clay also but I felt making flowers are really easy with thai clay..You no need to waste time in baking as it's air dry clay, and coloring also easy compare to polymer clay.