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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

    Here is my way of wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi, through a mural. In fact, this is my first Mixed Media Mural !

It is a combination of Cermaic, Clay, Siporex, Glass and Copper on a plywood base and painted using oil color. As plywood is used as the base for this work, this can be only used for interior purpose.

I have used Siporex, light weight cement block, for Ganesha. As this is my first experience with carving the stone, I felt it's tough although I could manage that using a knife.

Glass pieces and pebbles are used here for the texture on the glass, with epoxy coating.

After a long time, I got the complete satisfaction from this work. Good appreciation in FB is icing on the cake :)

Happy Festive Season :) /bye


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    1. I took around 12 days, out of which 4 complete days and couple of hours on other days..