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Friday, 27 September 2013

Glass Painting - Peacock

Hello everyone, here is my latest work and I am happy to announce that I am madly in love with Glass Art :)  As glass painting is beautiful, clear and simple art, it's becoming very popular nowadays.

I have used normal glass colors on a plain glass of the size 2*1 ft and took just 4 days to finish the work and 'am very happy with the outcome :)

We have seen similar work in a shopping mall, which was priced at Rs 2000. To be honest, that (the price !!) is the inspiration.

This is the beauty of glass painting, looks different based on the background and the lighting ....

One of my close friends had told me that the greatest of all the pleasures is to hold in your hands and see for yourself what you have created. Very true!

Have a gr8 day. /bye


  1. Absolutely enticing piece of art..!!

    Its such an intricate phenomena that money is such a powerful influencer of psychic energy;
    Nothing beats it whatsoever!

    Hoping to see many more wonderful creations from Aasha..

  2. Thank you Sudarshan, for the kind words. You are absolutely right. I liked that art work in the shopping mall, but felt its expensive. I did this just to save some money :)

  3. Good Work keep it up.. !! Nice to see creative works coming twice or thrice a month... especially on the special occasions of festivals and patriotic day...!!

  4. Thank you Onkar. If I have a work, usually I wait for the occasion to post it :)

  5. Its just an awesome work .... Kudos !!!

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  7. Thank you very much for your complements.. :)

  8. Nicely crafted Art... Keep going... Best of luck...

  9. SUCH A beautiful imagination in this work.... great....

  10. Thank you very much for your compliment Ravi,,

  11. Fantastic..
    whether u draw a rough sketch outline before painting or u paint directly on the glass??
    which method u prefer??

    1. Thank you Niranjan, Yes we have to draw the outline first using "out liner" and then fill the colors, this is required as glass colors are more liquid in nature,,

  12. Can you please provide the details of the colours used. and how you achieved the desired shades