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Friday, 5 August 2011

Its time to share an animation work :)

/hihi Hope you're enjoying the rain in Bangalore, excluding the troubles like traffic jam, blocked drainage, roads beaming like swimming pool... ohh .. let me stop here.

Somehow I feel, B'lore rain makes me desperate to reach home, where as in my native place it attracts me to come out of the house and enjoy. I am really missing the monsoon of Western Ghats, eating home-made snacks with the family members sitting around the Fireplace (setup specially for the rainy season in the  Malnad region), parents shouting at me to stop taking my bicycle out in the rain .. which I love the most, etc.

Let me stop the flashback as I don't want to be upset and spoil my whole day. Having mentioned as an aspiring character animator in my profile, so far I did not upload not even a single work.  Its time to introduce one of my animation assignments to you all, which I completed recently. I spent around 10 days for this work, implementing the corrections one after the another as suggested by my mentor, finally it has reached this stage. There were jerks in my previous work, so I put lot of effort to make it smooth, which resulted in toooooo much elasticity. I still feel bad whenever I open that earlier version. 

Coming soon .... ;)
I am working on a mural - Lord Ganesha and here is the first look.  I took a liltle bigger board,  have lot of things to do. Once I am done with basic shape, need to apply the color and varnish. I hope to complete this before Ganesha Chaturthi so that I can post that in a blog.

Before concluding, I must thank Mr. Prakash Hegde, who posted my blog in the Facebook without my knowledge :) That helped me to get encouraging comments and got to know talented individuals. There was a bit of hesitation in me to share this with 'Facebook Friends' as I don't post regularly and of course, I don't have too many work to upload here frequently  :p

Keep smiling, have a nice day! /bye


  1. Bangalore rains.... Haaaa..wht to say!! its pouring cats n dogs as 'am typing this......
    Cmg to animation.. i guess the character itself is of elastic nature... ;-), nicely animated though..
    n Grt going with the mural... cant wait to see the end result.. :-)

  2. Thank you Latha, I'll not blame the character here...It was a fault from the animator :)
    I will try to finish the mural by Ganesha Chaturthi....

  3. Dear Asha!!
    The wall mural is awesome!! cant wait to see the completed work.
    malathi S