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Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy Krishna Janmashtami !!!


Happy Krishna Janmashtami. May Lord Krishna give all the happiness in your life. No better day than today to upload one of my old paintings - Radha Krishna.

I have done this using poster color around four years back. My intention was to try out poster color as well, so that I can claim, I have hands-on experience :) 

Poster color is a good option for school art projects because it is affordable, and is simple to clean up since it is water based. Also poster color dries within an hour, so you have to apply it quickly. 

Poster color is typically used to make big banners or sign boards. You have to use a palette for mixing the required color as it’s not easy to mix the color on heavy duty paper (which I've used for this work). 

As I already tried oil and water color before this, I did not like this medium ... may be because of its dullness. I could not move the brush freely and I was not able to get nice strokes. Of course, lack of efforts from my side as well !!!

Have a nice day! /bye