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Monday, 24 November 2014

Colorful Macaws..

Hi Friends,

    After a long time, I've worked on a glass painting. Had a similar work, which got sold in Chitrasanthe last year. Unfortunately I don't have the photograph of that work, so thought of doing that again, for my portfolio :) This time, I have taken a bigger glass of size 13 X 30 inches, to accommodate two Macaws.

    Here are photographs taken in different background.

                                                         Size : 13 X 30 inches

     Have plans to make some more colorful birds on glass, but don't know when I will be able to spend time on them.

    Have a gr8 day, bye


  1. nice pairs.. :) beautiful work. keep it up

  2. Asha avare.. i liked this painting a lot, chanced upon ur page somehow .. :) when/where is your next display ? can we buy this some where.. how often and where do chitrasanthe's happen.. regards!

  3. Thanks a lot Srinivas, Chitrasanthe happens once in a year.. Usually in the month of Jan. I don't have my work display anywhere i usually get orders through word of mouth and via social media,, If you are interested in any, please send an email to aasha.bhat@gmail.com.. will let you know the availability and price.