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Friday, 20 December 2013

Mother's Love

ello Friends, welcome to my last post of this year :)  I am here with my new work, an oil painting - Mother's Love", on canvas of size 16 * 14 inches.
I got a reference for this painting in a photography website, liked instantly because of its composition, lighting and timing.

I remembered my mother a lot while working on this, as she always tries all her tricks to make me eat more. She always complains me of becoming skinny even though I keep gaining weight :) Probably all mothers are like that..

See you all in 2014, take care.


  1. Hi Asha....had seen couple of your posts through Facebook.After seeing this art, was very keen in seeing all your work. It's awesome :)
    I just loved your peacock glass painting & RaviVarma's painting !! :)
    All the best for ur future work

    1. Thank you very much Raksha for your kind words :)

  2. very very nice one....NO NEED TO EXPLAIN ITS A AWESOME.......WAITING FOR NEXT ONE

  3. Awesome... really awesome.. No wordings..

  4. Thank you very much all of you :)

  5. Its best out of every thing. No doubt, all the articles are good, but its at its best. favorite out of whole lot.

  6. Yes, it is so good article than others, i like it too much.


  7. I usually get complement for the work, Am very happy to hear that you like the article too.. Thanks a lot Karthik and Praveen..