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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Handmade Greeting Card

  Hi friends, I am back to blog after a long time. Hope all of you are doing great, I was really busy with my professional life, its hard to find time for my interests.
  I should thank the animation industry as I am getting the opportunity to meet some of the highly talented creative people. But I had mixed feelings at office in last few weeks as couple of my colleagues resigned to explore new challenges. First of all, it was the creative head of our company, a highly talented individual from whom I have learnt a lot. Although I feel myself lucky to have worked with him for more than 6 months, but its not easy to accept that he is not in our organization now.
  Also my good friend at work, a pure-hearted girl, moved out of Bangalore for some personal reasons.I really appreciate the way she handled the things in her life and impressed by some of her philosophies of  life. Although I can stay in touch with her through social networking sites and telephone, but I really miss her at office. Here I am uploading a greeting card made out of handmade papers, which I prepared for her in a hurry. While writing the text over the card, I thought I would have learned calligraphy ... my wish list is growing day by day :)
During my school days, I used to prepare a lot of greeting cards at home to wish my relatives and friends during New Year and Makara Sankranti. Unfortunately I don't have the photographs of them to share here. Now we are moving towards e-wishes and text messages, so most of us stopped sending the 'hard copy' of greeting cards !!

I've tried one more, please have a look. The photos are taken before writing the message, bit personal you know .. :)

Have a gr8 day /bye


  1. greeting touches through feelings too.... :)

  2. Thanks for the nice words Naveen.

  3. Pretty... Pretty... Pretty........
    Message is understood ;-)
    Am sure the recipient is totally FIDA... :-P

    1. Thank you Latha. Yes, its really liked by the recipient :)

  4. Can i know how can i make this kind of greting cards? can you pls tel me...

  5. Geeta, it is difficult to explain here,I will provide the step by step instruction along with the photo whenever i make the greeting card next time.