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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Experiment with watercolor painting ...

/hihi How are you ? Hope things are fine with you. I will come straight to the point, because I am not good at building sentences, developing paragraphs, and composing essays :P I would like to share couple of watercolor paintings in this post.

As watercolor is a transparent medium, you must decide from the very beginning where the areas of white will be in your painting. The best practice for successful watercolor painting is to avoid the areas to be left white and apply the lightest washes first, gradually working towards darker washes. Also you have to be really quick as mixing becomes difficult once the color starts to dry. Of course hand made paper makes life more difficult. I found watercolor tougher than oil paint, might be because I don't get second chance to correct my mistakes :)

I would like to share a Rajasthani Miniature Painting as well, which I bought in a recent exhibition at Chitra Kala Parishat. Vegetable colors and gold powder are used here as medium and its just 3 cm * 3 cm in size and painted on an ordinary paper. Zoom in to see more details..

In such a small area, you can see each and every part of the elephant in detail .. wrinkles around the eye, ornaments, cloth, etc. Also I came to know that the artist doesn't have any formal art training behind him, hats off to his work !! I purchased a brush from him, claimed he used similar brush for this work. Although I knew he had used some other (good) brush for the work, but I was so impressed that I purchased without bargaining. I am very happy and proud to own this work and the brush. The only thing is - I have to make use of it :)

Right now, I am working on an acrylic painting - Buddha. The groundwork which I did for this work is far more compared to my previous works. May be because of that I have developed a sentimental attachment on this work, hope it will come out nice. Fingers crossed :)

Have a gr8 day. /bye


  1. Yeah.. i remember seeing those paintings... loved the snow one.... n the Rajasthani miniature is adorable.....
    I second ur husband, hobbies will keep u sane :-P. Looking forward for the Buddha..... :-)

  2. Hello Madam,

    Guess, I stole your october post. Thanks for the GIFT BUDDHA, do u need a photograph of it? if you have one, post it in your blog. Let people get enlightened by your paintings.

  3. Thank you Latha and Sandeep.

  4. Hello Sir, thanks for visiting my blog. I am extremely happy that you liked my painting. Considering whatever I have gained from you in last 10 months, this gift is really really small one. As always, thanks for your encouragement.