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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pair of puppies, my neighbors can't hate !!

I never ever thought of finding a subject for the blog is so difficult. In fact, its more difficult than painting and animation!

Let me begin with some background about this work. I've always wanted to have a pet dog at my home, I love them a lot. But I had to drop that idea as I failed to convince my husband, who thinks it’s a public nuisance. He must have plans to stay in the same house where we are currently staying for couple of more years !  Of course I too don't want to disturb neighbors and become the subject of their morning walk. In this whole episode I lost a golden opportunity to become a celebrity in my lane :)

So the only option available to me was to test my painting skills. Since I was just '2 paintings old' at that time, I started searching 'second brain' (google) for some references. After spending considerable amount of time, I found Maggie Miller's Pantry Puppies interesting and here is the link.

By the way, I am giving the reference so that you can compare my work with the original :)

I took a 24 X 18 inches canvas this time, probably bigger than the original painting. At that time I thought its easier to give importance to little things if I get a bigger canvas. Of course, by that time I was more comfortable with my strokes.

Before starting this work, I felt the reference I had was a bit dull, so thought of giving more brightness to my work. By the end of first day, I was ready with the sketching and few basic layers. Most of the art schools I know in Bangalore won't allow the students to take the canvas home in between the work. They don't even allow students to finish the sketching at home. This makes students to attend more classes, and for the people who run these schools its a good business tactics to earn more money. One more trick they adopt is - they teach and give tips on an installment basis. They never ever reveal the tips all at once, although they are related. I am not blaming the painting instructors here, as they simply follow their superiors.

I was lucky to have a talented instructor, who taught me so much technical aspect within few classes, in the absence of his boss. Unfortunately he left that institute in between and I had to discontinue as I did not like other instructors. That left me with an incomplete work, which I had to finish at home. Initially I find it difficult to work without a painting stand, but gradually I started feeling comfortable while sitting on the floor. Finally I was able to finish this work in 8-10 days.

Before concluding, lemme tell you the mistake I did in this work. If you observe the tiles on the floor, they are not aligned properly. It was good when I sketched it, but things got messed up somehow during the final stage and I did not give enough importance to the perspective. I will leave it to you to find out the other  differences :)

Have a nice day! /bye


  1. Aligned or not aligned, I still like the floor... may be coz of the mess created by the puppies.....:-)

  2. @naveen and Poornima, thank you very much :)

  3. To be frank, your work is looking better than the original..! This is not a flattery, and I really mean it..

    Tiles misaligned? In this front, I'd like to mention that, anything that's too perfect seems unnatural. And the puppy's expression (the one sitting on the basket) has come out very well..

    Since you asked to compare, one immediate observation is that the colouring is a bit less-homogeneous than the org. Am no expert in art, plz excuse if my observation is wrong.