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Thursday 3 September 2020

Ponytail and Messy bun

I’m back to my blog after really long time! but this time with something different than my usual things.. Please check this out.

Lately I have realised that it’s not easy to attend UKG classes at the age of 30+!! So.. just to kill the boredom, started to scribble something while attending online classes with my daughter.
Here I just tried to show the day to day activities of an active kid in simple lines.. and have named it as “Ponytail and Messy bun”.. (Messy bun is myself since i don’t get time to comb my hair these days.. and the ponytail refers to my daughter)

Hope to express more experiences visually in her upcoming classes 😀.. 

Sunday 26 May 2019

Avian beauties

   This time for a change, I am here with some photographs, which I have taken in my recent visit to Sirsi, my native place. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born there, which provided me ample opportunity to enjoy  the pure nature right from my childhood.

I always enjoyed watching birds and their behavior. Effortless and graceful flight of birds always fascinated me. This time, got a chance to capture these avian beauties in my camera, in fact I could capture more than 30 varieties of birds without much effort. Although I find bird photography, especially wild bird photography quite difficult, I am enjoying the challenges.

I should thank my cousin for his guidance in this exploration. He not only educated me in the basics of bird watching, but also taught how to locate and approach them safely without disturbing their life and damaging the habitat, which is really important for an amateur photographer like me..

So enough of writing now!! ;) here are the photographs...

                                             Orange minivet male

                                                       Green bee eater

                                                        Vernal hanging parrot

                                                        Asian Fairy-bluebird

                                           Velvet fronted nuthatch 

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

                                                      Indian Yellow Tit

                                                    Malabar grey Hornbil

                                                      Coppersmith Barbet

                                                         Orange minivet female

Sunday 31 March 2019

A silent stream..

I tried to paint a stream in the misty morning light here!..Started the work randomly without prior planning of colours and compositions ..
I used the brush strokes only to get the softness and the freshness of the morning light, everything else painted with pallet knives.

Glad to share this work with you all because whenever I look at this painting, it makes my mind so calm without any meditation..

                                    Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
                                     Size: 20" X 30"

Thank you for visiting the blog, have a great day..

Monday 11 February 2019

Mysterious Life

Life is a book of beautiful mysteries, we never know which page will bring a wonderful twist in the story.. .
Title: Mysterious Life
Medium: mixed media on canvas
Size: 24”X36”

Golden opportunity


“Golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It’s not in your environment, not your luck or the help of others..It is Yourself alone”..
Here is an abstract art, depicting the above theme.. .

                       Title: ‘Golden Opportunity’
                       Medium: mixed media on Canvas
                          Size: 14”X26”

Monday 28 January 2019

Jewels of Jungle !!


Here I have posted those 3 paintings which were exhibited in one of the prestigious shows - "Artists for Wildlife and Nature"..It was a great honor to be part of this show and got an opportunity to meet talented wildlife artists of our country..

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Nagendra Muthmurdu and Mr. Ranjeet Das Shelke for providing me the reference images to paint.. Hope I gave justice to those wonderful photographs..

             Subject: Crimson Sunbird
             Media: Acrylic on Canvas
             Size: 24" X 16"
             Reference image credits: Nagendra Muthmurdu

             Subject: Velvet Fronted Nuthatch
             Media: Acrylic on Canvas
             Size: 28" X 16"
             Reference image credits: Nagendra Muthmurdu

                          Subject: Fan throated Lizard
                           Media: Acrylic on Canvas
                           Size: 24"X 30"
                           Reference image credits: Ranjeet Das Shelke 

Thank you

Tuesday 1 January 2019

A Fresh Beginning

Hello, Wishing you all a successful and glorious New year..

Here I would like to thank all the wonderful people who lit up my 2018 and gave beautiful memories to cherish and made me realize that we should not stop believing in dreaming big!!

Personally 2018 was a great year ,,,helped me to recognize so many opportunities and celebrate many dreams coming true..learnt to be grateful for all the ups and downs that happened throughout the year..

Once again, I wish may 2019 bring us many blessings, joyful surprises and 365 days of personal growth and gratitude..

                                  Title : Energy realm
                                  Size : 18 X 24 inches
                                  Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Here is a pallet knife Painting of size 18 X 24 inches.. Exhibited this landscape in our last art exhibition at Chitrakala Parishath.